Final presentation.

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The final presentation we had to do consisted of 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide. I carried on my presentation from the last one I did, giving everything a summary still. The overall feedback I got at the end was extremely positive. It was emphasised how I have used the research from my dissertation and applied it to all of my other projects since doing it. Another good point was that all of my projects show a link between each other, that no project stood out on its own. Judging from all of this, I feel I have managed to accomplish a lot throughout this year, and apply a lot of what I have learnt into my projects as I went along. I feel I couldn’t have done much more to everything in my work, and from the positive feedback I have got from everyone, it is evident I have put in a lot of hard work and effort to hopefully get the grades I have worked hard to get.


Brief: International Citizen

Chosen pathway = Photography.

Using the medium of the Options Module of your choice complete a set of three images/items/works as a response to the theme International Citizen. You may interpret this any way you like but you must justify your work with a complete body of back-up research and development.

Present your images as a portfolio of works AND ALSO set in a graphic design format, such as a page layout, brochure, C.D. case or whatever you deem appropriate. You are strongly advised to negotiate this with your tutors.

You are required to write a proposal for your own brief within ten days of receiving this.

As I received this project, I knew in an instant I wanted to take the pathway of photography. I would have liked to try out the illustrative side of this project however, but I feel I could play more with my strengths with photography especially for this project. I intend to explore what I can do with the idea of International Citizen and think of an idea that I can put together.

My initial thoughts and ideas are to come up with 3 beautiful pictures that I could put up on walls to frame, but I want to take this idea to the next level in overlapping images and giving all different perceptions. Conscious of the time I would have to complete this project, I will need to be clear of my idea and confident to what I can realistically achieve in a month, but it is a challenge I would like to face up to.