Connecting evaluation.

The mini brief for Connecting was all about going to a place and doing a design response to what you see, hear and feel. The message needs to be of connecting, peace and hope. My choice for this was to go to Kew Gardens and to appreciate the time, effort and care put into the magnificent garden for the public to enjoy.

Overall with this mini brief, I am really happy with how my final designs came out. I wanted to turn the theme of the original Kew Gardens illustrations and make it into something of my own, making the audience see, feel and understand how important the upkeep of Kew is by informing them of the facts behind the science of Kew.

The postcards are meant to resemble beauty and peace with the images of the plants located around Kew, giving you a taster of what lies within the place. Kew itself is known to be a peaceful preserve, and they connect with all different organisations and places across the world to make this place as magnificent as it really is.

I got a lot of inspiration from this project that I have applied to my FMP, the style guide of Kew especially. I’m really happy with my overall appearance of the postcards.

Despite this, if I were to improve on this project, I would have liked to locate where I was when I took the photos, and possibly collected seeds of those plants to put on the postcards. This way, whoever buys the postcards, will take home a bit of Kew with them. Nevertheless, the brief was about connecting, and the postcards show the connection of science, peace and beauty all in one, making Kew Gardens far more than a pageant of flowers.



As I walked around Kew, I took pictures purely on plants because of how busy the place was. Although this was unfortunate, I wanted to make sure my photos showed peacefulness and a feeling of connection despite how busy it was, because the gardens itself makes you feel that regardless of how many people there were.

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With the photos that I have got, I’m really happy with the quality and how beautiful the shots were. Because of the time of year, the flowers were blossoming in rich colours, which I want to emphasise especially for my project seeing as it is the season for these plants.

What I have decided to do is look at what Kew already does for their advertisements. All I could find were beautiful illustrations that look old fashioned and give you that feeling of the gardens being vintage and truly one of a kind. The text is simple and bold, allowing the image to be the primary focus for people to have a look at.

Inspired by this, I feel I need to give Kew a modern-vintage identity for their advertisements. Their current advertisements appear to look like they are made with 2D painted layers, the shading is minimal but the level of detail with each ‘layer’ makes you stop and look at everything.

What I love about their advertisements is that it feels like they have purposely only used illustrative styles to give the audience a glimpse of what they could see, and how amazing the place truly is when you see it come to life as your enter the place.

Place of topic: Kew Gardens.

Kew Gardens is one of London’s largest UNESCO World Heritage site capturing stunning natural landscapes; it is gardens paradise. It is famous especially for its extensive collection of plants, the largest collection in the world in fact in various glasshouses, nurseries and around the landscape.

On my visit, I was unfortunate to not be able to access the main glasshouse on this day, however I made use out of what I could see around me. I noticed that the plants come in different shapes, sizes and forms, varying in colour and whether they are bundled against each other, or stand-alone.

In response to the brief, I certainly felt connected with peace and appreciating the effort that is taken for the place to look how it is every day. On the day that I visited, the park was very full, but I was still able to wander around and appreciate the peace that this place brings in contrast to the never-ending city that you can spot in various locations.

For my project, I have decided to go with photography postcards to showcase the flowers and plants, and to show people the beauty from each plant and how the beauty compliments another to create the beautiful landscape that brings people peace and connects with themselves and those around them.

What I didn’t know until when I visited was that the whole place revolves around science (Biology). I was amazed with the work they produced to keep up with the plants, and how they use biology to look after the plants in the best way that they can, as well as using biology to discover new parts of flowers, developing them and how the world depends on plants and fungi. Kew’s work spans 110 countries and collaborates with over 400 institutions worldwide, which is why it is so vast and magnificent.

Something that I have realised having come from this trip, was that I wanted to know more as to why it is so magnificent, and why we underestimate the extent of how complex this garden is.