kyoto garden

Kyoto Garden.

I thought it would be a sensible idea to make the most out of my research as possible, as soon as I could. I decided to explore the Kyoto Garden, located in Holland Park, Kensington. The park was designed to bring a sense of peace and beauty in the city of London, a place for people to relax.

I thought this would be a great place to begin with my exploring, because it is near to where I live, and easy to access to. The garden is beautiful, reflecting the colours of the plants in the water and the sun reflecting against the waterfall. This place was somewhere to go to relax and enjoy some personal space away from everything.

I even did a few quick sketches at the park while taking photographs, I drew sketches based on what was around me, I drew what I saw when I looked down (me sitting on a bench) and enjoyed drawing whatever I felt like drawing, in the style that I wanted to.

While sitting here, I even set myself a small challenge of what picture could I take that was different, getting the reflected image in the water of the tree. Coming here has given me a few ideas to think about when I think of what activities could be set for people who have my book, and how they could stay engaged. Some activities could be:

  • Draw what you see
  • Can you locate where this photo was taken?
  • Can you replicate this photo in your own style?

By asking people to do these challenges, it would build up and create almost like a scrapbook of memories for them to look back and enjoy one day.