About tanks.

I wanted to look further into tanks and why they are so popular. I found a few videos that show interviews from tank drivers themselves. The first video was interesting to listen to and watch. Looking at the action inside the tank, it is clear that every person has a very specific role inside the tank. The communication between the soldiers is crucial for making it work, and it was mentioned in the video that the tank is ‘designed to kill’.

The second video was about an ex military driver who told stories about when he was in the war. The stories he remembered were graphic, however his tone of voice as you listen to the interview show that he spoke highly of his career, and that working in the tank was a massive duty to fulfill.

By getting first hand experience of what life was like in the tanks gives me an idea of emotion and pride as people work in them. In relation to the game, the game is all about emotion and pride with earning your tanks and competing against others. If you fail, your emotions are shown because of your failure to complete your mission.

This is something really important that I want to try and get the audience to feel and understand with my campaign. Because the game is so intense, the audience needs to understand this, and by getting them to understand how intense and great the game is to play, they would need to have some idea with a preview of the game itself, rather than a video showing an animated documentary about the story of the soldiers, but to focus on the tanks and what the audience can specifically do with them.


Final book.

Having my book delivered, I am able to see my final product in front of me. I am really pleased overall with the result. The quality of each picture is in really good condition, despite the paper quality being low. The hardcover I felt was definitely the best option, because it is sturdy and will not fall apart when it is tossed around in a bag.
One area for improvement would be to add my name onto the book. To help solve this, I have ordered a load of books for others to have and enjoy with this adjustment added. What I intend to do, is keep the book without my name in, and submit the book with my name on the cover.
Having your name on the cover gives you more recognition when people view your book. The book has also been submitted to go onto Amazon, as well as being sold as a PDF format on the Blurb website.