Out of your comfort tune

Last week, we were given the task to listen to something different. The twist of this is to listen to something that some would view as hard to listen to, and something that is easier to listen to. Once we had chosen a piece, we got to swap our sheets to someone at random (anonymously) in our class and listen to what they chose.

My piece of music that was hard to listen to were ‘Enter Shikari: Destabilise’


My other piece that was easy to listen to ere ‘Ed Sheeran ft. Passenger: No diggity’

I thought these pieces suited well to the brief, because Enter Shikari (admittedly yes I love them!) is a very hardcore fast pace music group who involve a lot of harsh beats and screaming. Ed Sheeran I have loved since he was recognized – as you could tell from my brief mentioning on the task with colours – and his music I think is quite relaxing. I love his acoustic style which you can listen to whenever wherever!

What I got given was Kiara Bonobo as an easy listen…

Bonobo’s music I will admit is a very easy listen. I thought the instrumental music was very relaxing and soothing especially while writing this piece! Definitely one to lie-on-your-bed-and-chill-with-your-laptop.

I then got given Windowlicker by Aphex Twin as a hard listen…

Aphex Twin I’m a little lost if I’m honest… I felt the tune itself had no consistent tune or beat to the music which is definitely why I personally thought it was such a hard listen. Even my bearded dragon (which I often allow him to have a free run around) hobbled out the room so quickly I had to make sure it didn’t make it to the stairs!

In relation to this with design, it is a good experiment to go out of your comfort zone with the kinds of music that you would normally listen to. I liked how we were given pieces of music that we may have never thought to come across. Whether we liked it or loathed it, it still helps you to open your mind to different possibilities. Music after all is still creative, so I suggest getting on your PC and looking up different music.

Here’s a list of SOME of my favourites artists/bands if you would like to look at my variation (I like A LOT of music FYI):

A$AP Rocky

Andy C

Arctic Monkeys


Ben Howard

Benjamin Francis Leftwich


Chase and Status

Ed Sheeran

Fall Out Boy

Frank Turner

Imagine Dragons

Jamie T

Mallory Knox


The Fratellis

The Vaccines

Twin Atlantic

Wiz Khalifa