HND2: International Citizen


Throughout the whole of my project, I wanted to run the consistent theme of motivating people to want to get outside and explore, whether it’s a local park or a trip away. The target audience was aimed at everyone and anyone who wants to have then chance to go out and explore.

Nowadays people are fixated on the idea of going through to education, then immediately into work, and there is not many who find time for themselves. I wanted to show a contrast between two environments in my poster to encourage people that they could go anywhere to explore.

I think I presented my photographs really well in the poster, and they blend really well with the other photos to convey this message across in an abstract way. In terms of international citizen, everyone is able to look at the poster and understand what I am trying to show.

If I had more time on this project, I would have loved to make a book and abused every picture and pattern that I had, showing off the two environments and the fun of adventure with photography. Moreover, I would have loved to redo my film photography, and hoped that I got some pictures out in the next go. As a development of this, I have adjusted my film camera settings so hopefully this will not happen again in the future.

Overall, I am really happy with my results, I feel I have met the brief in displaying my photography, but also taking it to a further level by turning it into something different, beautiful and unusual.


Final Posters.

I merged the poster designs in with a few advertising templates that you would find in the city so that a lot of people would view them in one go. I thought that these worked really well and look like they will stand out well, making people want to stop and look at it. I purposely kept the typography small at the top of the advertisement posters, because I want people to have to come up to the image and take a proper look at what it is trying to say. I feel this way, the poster will be more memorable this way, especially if people are trying to brush past it on a busy day.

I have put the scan code in as well so people can scan the code, and similar to the book, a page will appear with the images in full, and the co-ordinates of where I took them, along with the book title where people can buy the book if they wish to do so.

I even developed it a little bit further by seeing what it would look like as a book. I did a rough template of two double pages to get an idea of the simplicity that I wanted to convey if I was to put it in a book. With the list of plates, I even added co-ordinates at the back in reference to my pictures, so people can look it up and see where I have been taking my photos. This adds a nice touch so the book, and would help to encourage people to go out and explore.

I would love to keep going with this project and make canvases, coasters etc. to them. The posters have a nice theme and hopefully the photography will show that you can go out and explore no matter where you are.

These are my images to present. I have 3 pictures that I have taken, and transformed them alongside with others that I have taken to make these final 3 posters:


Touch ups.

I eventually narrowed my 3 final posters to these. I thought I would go a little bit further and try to improve my posters as much as I could. I began with adjusting the text slightly, making sure that there were no single words left on any lines. I also put in the people who mentioned the quotes and the dates of when they were. This means that when people read them, they know where it would have come from, and show the variation of people who mention the same topic.

In terms of international citizen also with this, it shows that worldwide people are trying to address this issue, and to motivate anyone and everyone to allow time for them to explore.

I changed the colours of some of the titles, but this took away some of the effect of the picture by adding colour somewhere else on the page that was not needed, therefore, keeping all the text neutral helped to keep the idea of the poster in focus. To expand upon this further, I considered where I would put this poster to make it visible to everyone, and posters in tube stations and bus stops appear to be the most popular.

Because the pictures are fairly abstract, it would be nice for the public to know where I took the pictures. By adding co-ordinates to the page somehow would seem like a nice addition, so if I was to put a barcode in the corner where people can scan the poster, it could link to the possible book I intend to make, alongside with the list of plates of co-ordinates of where I took the the end of the book.

Inspiring quotes.

I carried on finding quotes that I felt were inspirational and presented the point of people being encouraged to go out, take risks and enjoy seeing the world beyond walls.

Chris Todd is the Eastleigh football manager who 7 years ago got diagnosed with leukemia. The change in this completely turned his life around, creating new opportunities for him such as writing, singing and acting. I saw this interview on the BBC channel this morning (5th December), and one quote stuck in my head, which was the definition of my whole project:

“You have to get out of the bubble, a lot of people get stuck in doing the same thing day-in, day-out and they got through life like that.”

This particular quote really inspired me, and it is definitely a quote I will be putting on my poster. Although none of the quotes are in relation to each other, they are all quotes said from different people, all addressing the same topic. This is what I find really interesting when I research the quotes, finding what different people are saying or how they are putting this message across to people, trying to get everyone to understand.

My method for making these posters (and hopefully a book later) is similar to this. The posters are addressed for everyone to see and realize there is always time in life to go out and explore no matter what age/where you are; there’s always somewhere new to look, an infinite amount for us to see in a lifetime, and that is what makes adventuring so special.I also found a quote from Walt Disney, and a quote that had always stuck with me “We can stay where we are and hope your dreams come to us or we can go out and find that better place”, who I could not find a reference to.


My posters.

I decided to make a whole range of posters, from here, I can narrow down to what ones are my personal favourite and what ones merge well with another. I decided on doing a few of the patterns in different styles, but you can still see the theme going through. I feel that contrasting the environments between city and landscape really shows well in my pictures, and the abstract feel to them draws people in.

For some of the posters, I plan to not have any text written on them at all. I feel that the image itself is quite powerful and draws people in without needing any text. I think that by doing this, I have shown to people that it is better to go out and explore what is around you. Taking a 30-minute walk and opening your eyes makes you notice different angles and perceptions in natural landscapes and the beauty of city landscapes even.

I couldn’t pick out a favourite out of the posters. I feel every poster I have made tells a different story, and gives another clue of what my adventures are like. Previously, I mentioned in turning my posters into a book. Because there are hundreds of patterns to create and an infinite amount of photography to produce, a book to show these environments with quotes could be a really nice addition after this project instead, considering the brief was to submit 3 pieces of work.

For some of the posters, I did try to make use of the 5 senses I had previously researched. I really liked the idea of implementing a pattern that symbolizes the senses that we have, and how each one is enhanced when we explore. The images produced from these are not meant to be obvious to what they represent, because they are symbols. The idea of them is that there will be something beside them to explain what the image is trying to tell you, giving a little story behind the making of it. This gives the image a more personal touch to them, knowing that there was a reason to the making of them all.

Practice image.

Practice imageI decided to do a quick mock up of one poster design to see how the photography will go with the pattern. I thought this was a really good turn out and I like the contrast in the environments and the colours. The poster is not meant to obviously show what the pictures are, only elements so people would have to stop and look at it; the detail would be enough to keep the audience engaged with the picture, and also alongside with the text that would follow from it at the bottom.

I used the fonts American Typewriter and Gill Sans, two delicate fonts that compliment well against each other. I put a small phrase at the top of the poster, which is what I intend to put on every poster, unless all of them were to go in a book. The reason for this is so people can understand what the poster is about and understand the underlining reason. If I was to produce a whole series of them and put them in a book, the phrase would be the title of the book.

The idea of having these as posters, is I intend to put them in a delicate frame but not one that is entirely clear. Personally, I think having a white frame on the posters give them a more personal and “homely” approach to them. I like the idea of the only colour that will be showing on my pictures will be on the patterns themselves, allowing them to stand out against everything else.

Own geometric shapes.

Following from the sketches that I did, I drew a few shapes and patterns in illustrator to get an idea of how some of them would come out. I’m really happy with the results that I managed to achieve out of this, and the simplicity of them are really effective. There is not a huge amount of attention to detail in the patterns, because too much detail in the pattern can lose the effect of the photography, and I wanted the shapes to be as simple as possible.

Each image is done simply by adding or editing the same or similar shapes I felt if I played more with one shape on one page, I got a better result. The symmetry in the majority of the photos work really well, and I would love to use all of these, if not to continue to develop more, throughout this project and even after.

Rough sketches.

To get an idea of the shapes that I will want to use in my poster designs, I decided to quickly sketch down some ideas that came to my head when I thought about geometric shapes. The problem I was facing when I was drawing these was I felt they were not looking very effective, and I couldn’t see them looking any better.

I then decided to try and turn the 5 sense symbols into geometric shapes, or similar to, and see if they worked. Again, I was resulting in the same problem. The benefit was however was I was starting to get a rough idea of what I may or may not want. For example, I noticed that symmetrical shapes on the page looked far more appealing. I think the next best step to take would be to experiment with the shapes I have roughly drawn up, and see what works and what doesn’t work. I think when I draw the lines in illustrator the cleaner lines will improve the look of what I am trying to show.

The 5 senses.

I looked into symbols that represent each of the 5 senses, and I thought it would be interesting to try and use these in a geometric format. The different styles all show different methods and mediums, but they are all describing the same topic. As I was exploring about my poster and the meaning of it, the 5 senses frequently popped up. For me personally, when I do go around and wander around, I am opening my senses to look and hear things, understanding the different perspectives and objects that are around me.

The eye or Horus is a really clever symbol to demonstrate the senses. Developed in the Egyptian era, symbols were a way of communicating than words when reading something. This reminds me of the geometric eye pattern that I had recently found. Exploring about the senses and geometric patterns has inspired me to think about putting these two ideas together using this as the design for my poster.


Geometric shapes and patterns.

For my poster, I want to use all different shapes on each poster to try and come up with a variation of abstract photography pieces to show the comparison of two environments. I began thinking about geometric shapes and patterns, and how I could incorporate them into my poster for the photographs.

The geometric shapes I plan to use will be of shapes that are simple and can overlap each other. A simple design only would be needed to keep to the minimal theme running through it. I quite like the idea of my poster appearing quite abstract.

I was looking around for geometric shapes when I came across this poster, and it inspired me to think about the 5 senses, and the symbols that could represent them. Because my posters are about getting people to go out and explore, your senses are enhanced when you go around different environments and look around.