HND2: Branding

Westwood’s promotional item.

I went to sketch a few ideas for her promotional item. I was leaning more towards the idea of a bag or a brooch, which I had suddenly thought of while I was sketching. I wanted to make the item a lot more outgoing than her business card etc., to really outline the point of her designs.

I decided on doing a bag, and implementing her new logo as part of the bag. I thought it would be more interesting to do a bag for women, and a bag for men, because originally the first bag was aimed more at women. By having two bags, people also have more choice as to what they would prefer.

The bags would be in faux leather, to demonstrate her awareness of being animal friendly, and would come in a variety of colours that she uses. I thought this was a really good idea for my promotional item, as there is an item for both genders, and it can be used for all age groups, depending on your choice of style, and with these bags, you would need to like her style to have the bag… obviously. Because the bags would come in the same selection of colours, people could also have more choice on what colour they would prefer.


Despite this could be a good idea, I decided to think properly about all age groups and whether all men and women would appreciate the bags promoted. The bags are a good idea, but I don’t think they completely resemble VW all that much, so I had a rethink about my designs.

I then decided to go for the idea of the brooch and made a mock up of what it would look like, because it is small and made out of recycled safety pins and bottle caps, with diamonds on the pin and the bottle cap decorated with VW’s new logo inside in gold. I thought this was a much more appropriate promotional item to use, because it is still different and quirky, but also it shows more of VW’s personality with the small elements on it. This way, it would be appropriate for all age groups and genders, meaning less cost of production also.

World Illustration Awards 2015.

I decided to take a visit to the World Illustration Awards last Friday to check out the finalists. There was a huge variety of illustrations from pencil drawing to painting on Indian inks. There was also a whole variety of style of illustration also, some simple and quirky, some with weeks of detail in.

All of the illustrations I thought was really cool, I loved Olivier Kugler’s work on the refugees, mainly because you can see how the artist originally sketched the design simply, and you can see how she had dispersed the drawing into what it had become, something quite striking.

Going to this exhibition was quite inspiring for me, being someone who loves illustration and viewing the different designs, whether they be detailed or simple. I will take note of this exhibition for any future projects coming up that I could use this for to help with some ideas.