HND1: Typographic Project

New punctuation brief.

Language is the tool we use to communicate with each other and it constantly evolves to aid better expression of ourselves and the world we live in. Typography is a servant of that and its usage should evolve to enhance our expression of language. /// In an unprecedented step it has been decided that the English Language will have a new punctuation mark added to it. You are asked to come up with that punctuation mark. /// To explain a little more, the punctuation mark should express it a thought or ideology that is unique to the modern world which needs to be clearly expressed in written form. Your interpretation can be serious, experimental or humorous. Some examples could be a mark to be used at the beginning and end of which denotes the text inside is sarcastic. Or it could be text, which expresses the feeling of ‘believing in nothing’. Another idea is to express the idea of ‘information overload’. There are many many solutions to this one. /// You are also required to produce a poster that clearly explains your idea to people

Thinking about this new brief, I came up with the idea of creating something that I would personally use when I was communicating to someone. Because text is one of the main forms of communication nowadays, it is sometimes hard to understand the emotion of the other person when they are describing something.



This project was a typographic project, which I was given and to make up a brief of my own in relation to this. I decided on the business card for a personal trainer and what he does. Because his title was called ‘be fit’, the idea of a bee being the logo and his slogan of FITT fitted well with the title. The target audience is aimed at anyone who is interested in fitness at all different levels that wishes to improve.

I really enjoyed doing this project, keeping the research precise and helped me to develop my knowledge of what I knew to help develop myself further. The purpose of the card was to be kept simple so people could easily recognize it and stand out against other fitness cards. The typography especially, I wanted to keep minimal in case it would be developed further into making a website or merchandise; the typography is easy to read and clear, suitable in various sizes also.

Both designs curved edgesI would have liked to experiment further with the design and added a few more effects on it, however I felt that less was more on this business card. The card read the information needed for clients, and was appropriate for anyone without people feeling too intimidated by it. Overall, I feel happy with the design and I feel it is to the point and precise.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 10.39.29

Making the business card.

I started off with the back design, and by looking at business cards a lot of them appeared quite dark with a bold bright colour to make it stand out. I thought this would be a good idea overall for my business card, however I didn’t want the whole background to be black on both sides. Instead, I am planning to have the back design in black with a tangy orange font at the back, and the reverse on the front.

I thought about having the abbreviation of ‘FITT’ at the back so people understood what it stood for. I played around with compositions and the use of font, and I thought that Century Gothic was the most appropriate to use, because it is clean and simple, as well as easy to read. I have kept the attention to detail as minimal as possible, to keep to the point of what the business card is about. Although I did experiment with quite a few different fonts to see whether others worked, I noticed that Century Gothic was the most appropriate to use for the business card still, complimenting against the logo, as well as the information on the back. I have noticed with this project that a simple typeface is essential for a business card, keeping is clean and simple to read; the other fonts sometimes blurred or the lines became too thin due to the size of the font. Some fonts even looked too thick and messy on the business card, lacking the professional yet informal style I wanted to have on it.

For the front design, I thought carefully of how I would be positioning the bee. Because the title is called ‘be fit’ I wanted to have the bee standing out more, so people would understand the bee represents the word ‘be’ in the title. I kept to the theme of having th tangy orange as the background and the black font, which I kept the same as the back.

I thought that the colours worked well against each other, even when you put the bee with the design cover, because all of the colours compliment each other without being too overwhelming. I played around with compositions and decided on having the bee to the left, and the ‘FITT’ kept to the bottom-right corner. The space I have allowed gives the design some air to breathe, without it overcrowding. I added a bit of bevel and shadows to the title and the logo design to give it a little bit of definition against the bold orange colour, which I also thought worked really well.

I had a go at positioning the FITT at the back, and aligning all of the letters appeared much more professional. I tried to have the letters spaced out as they would without any adjustments, but it began looking a little bit ‘jumbled’ and I wanted to keep it all looking clean. I have also made the typeface at the back design a few point sizes up to make it clearer when printed on a tiny piece of card.

Front design


Typography for my business card.  

Thinking about the typography for my business card, I was thinking about how it will look, and having a type that will compliment the logo design also. The type I wanted it to be clean and simple, easy to read but also eye-catching. Thinking about the audience also, some people would need a font that is easy to read and clear, due to sight. Because a business card is small, the font will be small, therefore a font with a lot of serif types or a really ‘thin’ typeface would not be easy to read at all.

I had a look at typography to put on the business card, and I preferred to have all of the typography the same on the card. Because the size of the card is small, the detail in the type should be minimal to make it a lot easier to read. I want the business card to look professional however. I would like to experiment with the font once I have my logo, and see what suits best for it. I decided to go for Century Gothic with the ideas that I had chosen. Because this font is clear and all the same size, I can adjust the type on the business card to make it easy and clear to read. Putting it next to the logo design also, it would not clash against the logo, as it is a simple font.I can make it more bold if I need to also, in case the type is a little too thin on the business card.

The type in this project is essential, because the type needs to be clear to get the correct information across to the client who may in interested in what the business card is saying.

Dimensions of the card: 85mm x 55mm with a 3mm bleed.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 16.53.32

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 16.23.35


Logo drawings.

After sketching out my ideas, I thought I would put them into Illustrator and see what they look like after they have been drawn up digitally. I really liked the look of the bee that looks cunning, adding to the muscular effects on his arms. I wanted to keep the legs fairly small to emphasize the top half, and not make it look too ‘bulky’, which could defeat the object of the business card into making people think that it is for body builders.

I drew up another design, and I thought it was a little bit too child-like and not appropriate enough to specify the business card for young adults and above. By looking at the more angry looking bee, I touched up the eye slightly to make it look less ‘angry’ so people wouldn’t feel too put off when they saw the card at a first glance.

Bee 1

Bee 2

I decided to modify the bee a little more by giving the face look less aggressive. Because the logo is meant to appeal to both genders and not look too intimidating, I made the face more friendly and appealing. I also added on some sneakers to keep with the theme.

Bee 3


I still wasn’t happy with my design, so I decided to make it look friendlier by changing the eyes completely. I then added the colour to the design by making it black and yellow. I really liked the way it was going, and continued by adding tone and gradients in certain areas to make it look more 3D.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 18.33.53

bee 5

Further ideas.

The title for the business card is called ‘BE FITT’ the FITT stands for:

Frequency (how often you train), Intensity (how hard you train), Time (how long you train for) Type (what type of training you do).

I had a look at a bee design that a trainer sent to me, and he liked the idea of having a bee looking more like this. The styles of these cartoons remind me of the cartoons back in the 80’s such as Danger Mouse and Popeye the Sailorman.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 12.40.23

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 12.39.21

After looking at his design, I wanted to draw up a few ideas linking to his specific design. Although I like his design, I feel that the design for the bee should be more for adults and relate more to the idea of fitness, making it perhaps more muscular or less like a ‘child-friendly’ character.



Business card designs.

I had a look at a few existing fitness business cards to get an understanding of what some look like. I noticed that a lot of them appeared black with a bright colour for them text/theme.

Some of the cards had a logo centred on the front, and one half of the back with the personal details written on the other side. Although I like the black and a bold colour theme, I feel that there is not enough brightness in the business cards, and that they look almost ‘furious’. I really like the idea of using a bright and bold colour for the background of the business card, which you can also progress to use for t-shirts or products if you wish to later on if it becomes successful.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 10.55.16


Brief – Own typographic project.

What I have decided to do for this project is to create a business card for a new fitness activity, taking place at my local gym. The title of my business card will be called “Be FITT”, with the FITT abbreviated. The business card has to have the trainers’ details on the back and a logo to represent this group.

The target audience I will be aiming this project at will be for people who are interested in fitness and active activities. The age group will be from teenagers and above, and to people who also like to have fun with their fitness also.