BA: Kent Sales Academy


For the quick brief that we had to complete this week, we had to think of a brand identity for Kent Sales Academy. The deliverables were to include a logo, style guides and any mock-ups to help back up what we have shown, and how it could look.

My approach for this small project was to think about how I could link the idea of DNA and the three points that were stressed when the client was discussing what the project was about: curiosity, resistance and tenacity.

My overall outcome was inspired by simple logos through my research, and with simplicity, it means that the logo has the flexibility to be used, modified, adapted and could add more to it if the client desires. My deliverable for my logo was to give it a timeless appearance, knowing that logos stand on a company throughout the existence of that company.

I feel my logo meets the expectations of the client’s requests. The logo is diverse and simple as I had previously mentioned, and it has allowed me to experiment a little further about using the split pattern of the logo to create more patterns that could be used, as shown in my mock up.

Although my logo is very simple, I feel that less is more with design. Using the minimalistic approach, I have been able to show that a logo does not need to have a huge amount of detail added to it. Aware of the logo being used on various materials of different sizes also, the adaptations I have shown of the logo being used in different angles and perceptions I hope has shown the client that it is diverse, and that the meaning behind the logo is what he was looking for.

Because it was only a small project, I would have loved to go further with my animation and created a moving animation for my logo. Despite having limited software usage to do this, I have shown what I hoped to have achieved with that quick experiment, and I would like to think about this effect and to take it a lot further in my Final Major Project.


Designing my logo ideas.

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I decided to expand two logos that I thought would work well with the company. The first one was the structure of the DNA, the next were lines that you would get on graphs etc. I wanted to add variation and experiment with these two logo designs to see if any one looked better than the other.

Logo design 2

I did not feel that the second design had much impact overall for the company. Although I liked the concept of it, I felt my original idea works better. The logo itself did not stand out as much as the first design. Although it is simple, I felt that my initial design had a lot more in-depth meaning to it.

Logo design 1

For my logo, I tried out different fonts and I had a go at how I could change my logo as I tilted it sideways and so on. I found that Century Gothic was the most appropriate font to use, as it is diverse, bold and it works well on any surface, as it is clear to read.


When making my logo, I also first created it in black to ensure that it would work neutral as well as in colour, which I thought it worked well in both ways, allowing more variation for the logo.

I even tested the logo to make sure that the tones did not clash as I turned it to colour blind mode, which I found the colours did not blend too much against each other, allowing enough contrast for the audience who could be colour blind to see that the logo does come in a variation of colour.

What I would like to try to plan on doing next is to make my style guide and to get my idea mocked up on a few materials that KSA could possible be using, to give them an idea of how they could use the logo.


In response to my research, I played around with the styles and how I could use the theme of DNA in the image. I also wanted to carefully consider the colours used, making sure that they contrast well against each other without clashing or blending together.

I experimented with playing around with the letters in making them abstract, as well as focusing on the idea of DNA as a possible image for my logo. I wanted to see how colour could also affect the logo, considering that the DNA points are extremely important, I wanted to see if I could associate colour in relation to these words.

I had a look online at colours and what they could possibly symbolise. The three DNA points addressed were tenacity, curiosity and resistance.

For tenacity, I felt resembled red because of its bold nature. Knowing that tenacity means holding a firm grip on something, I thought his could merge well.
Curiosity I thought resembled both yellow and orange. Because of the neutral feel to the colour, it also adds a sense of boldness to other colours when they are merged together, bringing out the colour even more.
Resistance I wanted to associate it with blue or purple. This was because of the deep rich colours that you could get with the colours, or the more subtle pastel tones. The issue I have with these colours is that I would need to ensure that each colours compliments and contrasts well against each other.

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I had a look on Adobe for complimentary colours between three colours. I decided to go with the green, orange and blue effect, because of the contrast in the colours, but also because of what the colours stand for. I decided to associate green with curiosity, as green is a colour symbol for “vitality, prestige and wealth”. I thought this could link nicely with curiosity, knowing that without curiosity, none of the three points above could be achieved.

The logo that I felt worked the best out of my sketches was my adaptation of the DNA structure. The logo is simple, and it comes together in three parts. Each part essentially would represent the three points of DNA for KSA. I thought it would be good to include colour to make sure that colour worked well with the logo, before drawing it again in black and white.

I feel this logo works well for the company, the logo symbolises the company’s aims as well as bringing a fresh and vivid appearance to it. Because the logo can essentially be split up into three parts, I thought this could be a good additional touch for the branding side of the logo, creating a diverse feel to different materials such as business cards, compliment slips etc. and playing around with the patterns from this.

I also made sure that the colours worked well for those who are colour blind, as well as neutralizing the whole colour scheme to ensure that those who can only see in monochromatic view can distinguish the differences in the tones.,0.4263679736036576,0.34398456469762817,0.4821045790867981,0.9411764705882353,0.2282252684764016,0.5359301222518165,0.5539617370474755,0.7294117647058824,0.18679797372915072,0.22804757901939698,0.6294117647058823,0.9294117647058824,0.3624653075138603,0.13243127614985836&swatchOrder=0,1,2,3,4


Logo design ideas.

I had a look at DNA logo designs to give me some ideas and inspiration. I began with sketching out some ideas that I could use for KSA itself, however I decided to create an individual logo image that could stand alone next to the title of the academy.

1. Minimalism
2. Negative spacing
3. Single lines

I wanted to keep the logo design simple. I also had a look at what the trends of logo designs are to give me some further ideas of what I could try and incorporate with the current themes that are occurring with logo designs. I noticed that minimalism and single lines were becoming more popular, as they are timeless and flexible with how they can be adapted.

I also had a quick look at the different style guides that show how minimal work can work well, if not better, than work that could be extremely complex and dense. The style guide needs to specify what the branding is allowed to have, what it includes and if it is used for other purposes, the style guide will help to ensure that the flow and the theme of the branding stays the same.

I then had a look at some recruitment and sales logos. Personally, I felt they all lacked in good design, and that they all seemed to look slightly dated. I noticed that the logos all seemed to have a theme of including figures of people and stats, which is not what I want to include in my logo; I want my logo to look apart from the rest, to show businesses that KSA is different from anything else that is out there.

The two logos that I thought worked better were these logos that showed simplicity and minimalism. They are easy to recognise and they are easy to adapt with, as well as working with various materials and products that the logo can go onto to help promote the business further.

What holds the DNA together?

I was interested about the idea of incorporating DNA and the structure as my logo design, and I wanted to find out more about the sugar that keeps the DNA together. In theory, the sugar could represent KSA, which incorporates the three points of DNA: resistance, curiosity and tenacity.

The sugar (ribose) is made up of pentagon molecules to form together the structure. Because the 4 parts that make up the DNA are structured slightly differently from each other, they need to be attached to the correct parts. I thought this was really interesting to note; you need to have the perfect equation in order to complete the structure.

Similarly to the course, you need to put together the parts perfectly in every individual in order to make them superior to the rest and effectively more successful.

A and T pairing

G and C pairing

Here are the diagrams to show the pairs coming together. In response to this, I want to experiment with the shapes as I sketch my own logo. I want to keep it simple however, knowing that it needs to be easily recognizable also.

What is DNA?

DNA (Deoxyribonuleic Acid) is the hereditary organism that occurs in all humans. DNA is made up of 4 chemicals: (A) Adenine, (G) Guanine, (C) Cytosine and (T) Thymine. These chemicals are paired up: A with T, and G with C. these pairs and are linked to a Sugar phosphate material to form a ladder-like structure, with the pairs duplicating in a sequence. Certain sections of the DNA that carry specific proteins are called genes.

From this, they are made up into an X-shape, which is the Chromosome. We inherit Chromosomes through the egg and sperm, giving us specific codes that help shape and determine who we are as humans.

To relate this back to the logo design and KSA, the students will need to inherit the DNA in the course in order to become a successful sales person. I want to make the students and business companies aware in the logo that those who go onto this course inherit this skill, benefitting both the student and the company in the long run.

Mini project.

We have been given a small project to complete as an addition to our FMP. The brief is to think of a logo and brand identity for the company Kent Sales Academy. I looked into what the company was and what their main focuses are.

KSA is a sales academy to help 19-23 year olds how to sell. 1 in 10 people in the UK sell, however the challenge is finding those who have the skill and talent to sell. Because the job does not require many specifications, it is easy for a lot of people to get into and try it out, which leaves a gap between those who sell, and those who can sell well.

The training academy give students a 3 month training period on how to sell well, giving them the correct skills and testing that they need for them to be able to use efficiently. Being a good sales person, you need to have a wide range of skills such as patience, a good listener, communication and so on.

It was stressed that in order to be a good sales person, you need to be cut out for the DNA points of sales: curiosity, resistance and tenacity. These 3 points I want to try and incorporate as much as I can within the brand, alongside with thinking of how I could incorporate DNA also.