APP: Prevent

Prevent – Day 2 Final Outcome.

Our next task was to come together as a group and think of different ways we could convey messages, whether it be through conversation, imagery or text. We came to the conclusion about the message we want to drive is about communication, and how we need to feed more of this through to the students. It came to our understanding that a lack of communication led to missing pieces of a puzzle, something that we drove forward with our next plan on action.

We all came together and came up with a few ideas:

1 – a poster to help guide students to communicate more with others.

2 – having a vulnerable child in the front picture with silhouettes in the background to state the point of the child being influenced by others around them.

3 – the metaphor being the shapes in a box aren’t all the same, however all the shapes do have a place. We decided to develop this further of changing the shapes to be the world, and the world is a puzzle that we can solve using team effort and cooperation.

4 – the Tree of Life to guide people on the idea of treating others how you want to be treated and building an understanding of other’s opinions, as well as respecting them.

5 – making students understand that just because someone tells you to do something, you don’t necessarily have to go and do it. We then developed this onto thinking of the image having two sides, one dark side, and the other the bright side. The person will therefore have the choice to what path they wish to go down, emphasizing on the good from bad.

6 – building on the idea that you have to get to the core of the issue to understand conflict with people. I used the metaphor of an apple to demonstrate this.

We then developed idea 3 as being our favourite, and thought about how we could make the world look like a puzzle. We came up with slogans and phrases that would help match our final image.

Our final poster would be the world as a puzzle with a few jigsaw pieces hanging out, giving us the understanding that the world can be solved with teamwork and communication. We also extended on the idea of building a sculpture outside the college with a projector shining over with the map of the world as a jigsaw puzzle. Furthermore, we thought on this idea as a GIF animation to be put on the big screen outside of the college also, giving the overall idea variation on how we can go about building it.

Overall, the making of this quick project was successful in the research gathering and teamwork, accomplishing a mock up and a written piece of how it would overall look if it was selected to go forward to be made.



Mini Brief: Prevent Campaign Day 1.

Context: The government requires all education institutions to deliver training on the Prevent campaign. This is the starting point of the government’s anti-terrorism agenda. West Kent College is aware that the posters for Prevent are boring and they have created a competition for all year groups (FE and HE) to deliver an alternative that will catch the interest of the audience.

The audience is the students of West Kent College.

Brief: Work with your classmates to create an interesting design to be an alternative to the current boring or muddling Prevent posters. The winning design will be made and used within the college.

With this in mind, we began doing research about Prevent and how it aims to give information about radicalisation. The first task we were set to do was to first divergently think of ways to improve certain objects; this was to help get our heads around the thought process of coming up with fresh and clever ways of changing something, not dependent on whether it can be real or not.

Radicalization (or radicalisation) is a process by which an individual or group comes to adapt increasingly extreme political, social, or religious ideals and aspirations that reject or undermine the status quo or undermine contemporary ideas and expressions of freedom of choice.

The last ‘improvement’ example was a poster relating to terrorism, what Prevent drives towards. Edward de Bona wrote about using the PMI method to try and improve our ways of thinking.

Plus – What is good about it?

Minus – What isn’t good about it?

Interesting – What’s interesting about it?

In relation to the poster, I personally concluded that clear text was the Plus, The general bland design with the unclear imagery was my idea of Minus, and lastly, what I found Interesting was how I thought the poster was implying terrorism as a form of illness. My idea of a design is to be clear from the first glance to what it is about and not have those thoughts come to mind.

Our last task was to come up with a wide variety of ideas of ways to protest without violence. Narrowed down to my 4 personal favourite, I selected:

  • Street art. Streets are covered in paint and artwork (like the Banksy Tunnel in Waterloo, London) where it can be washed off easily.
  • Laying things out on the streets and covering roads completely.
  • (Using dummies as a more real approach) Hanging objects off of buildings to represent your campaign.
  • Putting on a demo show in the streets / reenacting.

All of these can be expanded on to create something that may either appear fun, shocking and can get all different groups of people involved, meaning people will be coming together to do something everyone can agree to take part in if they please.