Experimenting with my postcard designs.

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I began with playing around with the designs of my postcards following the guidelines of Kew, as well as wanting to implement some factual information about Kew and why there is so much more about the gardens than the landscape.

These were my 4 final results, which I could consider using as my final design. I felt that the title of Kew Gardens was not fitting with the actual design of the postcard.

Despite trying out different techniques such as masking some of the image out, changing the colours of the title, as well as making the image smaller, I felt this took away the effect of the image, which is what I want to stand out.

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I decided to consider putting the logo at the back of the postcard. I saw some postcard designs for the back of Kew Gardens, and the back designs have been kept simple for people to write on the back. I want to keep the back design simple also, taking inspiration from their existing postcard designs; I put together my back design, including a small flower illustration as a little ‘decoration’.

4 – Final Layout


My final experimentation was to put a fact about Kew on the front in their style. I thought this fitted more than the other designs, as it is clean, simple and does not clash with the photography. I had a go at putting one of the other symbols on the front, however it was blending too much into the picture, not allowing it to be visible and causing eyestrain because of it.


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