Response: Postcard designs.

In response to what I have found for this mini project, I have produced the front of my postcard designs in a modern, illustrative way using photography. I wanted the pictures to look slightly abstract with subtle colours coming through, giving the audience a glimpse of what they could be looking at as they come to visit the gardens.

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The designs themselves I took into consideration with the originally existing theme of Kew Gardens, and I wanted them to be applied easily with the rest of what they do.

I also went on to look at their typography, and I came across their actual guideline. I thought this would be an excellent resource to use in order to ensure my postcard designs match as closely to their specifications as possible.

The guidelines explain everything from colours, to fonts, to advertising, to board layouts. It is an extremely useful template to use, and I can also use this as part of my research for a style guide for my FMP, helping to bring everything further together.

With the images I have got, I will begin to create a template that I can use for the postcard designs. Using a template will mean that I will have a consistent design theme running throughout my postcards still.


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