Postcard inspiration.

I decided to have a look at some existing postcards and their designs. I was becoming more drawn to the styles of illustration over photography as I was researching. All of the designs were completely varied, which gave me a lot of inspiration when it comes to designing my own postcards.

I feel that the postcards that had a more illustrative style felt more personal, which to me represents the idea of connecting also. In relation with this to what I have produced for Kew Gardens, I can see how illustration and photography can benefit each other by merging the two styles together.

Although I did like the digitally illustrated designs, I wanted to take a different spin on my designs and make people stop and think about the design, rather than just knowing how it was made. Because the pictures are personal to Kew Gardens also, it brings a lot more sentimental value to the designs, as well as making them different.

With my style also, they can be sued as a collectibles item, which can be used as a challenge for people going to the gardens to try and find where I took the photos, as I took them in very public and specific areas of the garden, which are easy to find.

What this project reminded me of was my project last year Weird and Wonderful London, the activity book. I would have loved to work out my exact location of where I took my photos, as I could have put them on the postcard for people to find the location themselves.

Despite this, the postcards will resemble the feeling of connecting to nature and you as a person through the design. I intend to research more about Kew Gardens and find out some interesting facts and information that I could put on the postcards. By doing this, the postcards will have more value and meaning to them, as it will be informing people as well as showing what beauty they could be visiting.


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