As I walked around Kew, I took pictures purely on plants because of how busy the place was. Although this was unfortunate, I wanted to make sure my photos showed peacefulness and a feeling of connection despite how busy it was, because the gardens itself makes you feel that regardless of how many people there were.

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With the photos that I have got, I’m really happy with the quality and how beautiful the shots were. Because of the time of year, the flowers were blossoming in rich colours, which I want to emphasise especially for my project seeing as it is the season for these plants.

What I have decided to do is look at what Kew already does for their advertisements. All I could find were beautiful illustrations that look old fashioned and give you that feeling of the gardens being vintage and truly one of a kind. The text is simple and bold, allowing the image to be the primary focus for people to have a look at.

Inspired by this, I feel I need to give Kew a modern-vintage identity for their advertisements. Their current advertisements appear to look like they are made with 2D painted layers, the shading is minimal but the level of detail with each ‘layer’ makes you stop and look at everything.

What I love about their advertisements is that it feels like they have purposely only used illustrative styles to give the audience a glimpse of what they could see, and how amazing the place truly is when you see it come to life as your enter the place.


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