Experimenting with my clothing and illustrations.

Moving forward onto my posters, I have decided to proceed with including illustrations of people on the clothing, because I feel this would be the most appropriate way to advertise the clothing, as well as making my posters look different in comparison to other advertisements that are out there.

A lot of fashion use models, however I don’t want to advertise specific target groups or ages for my brand, as I want it to be accessible to everyone, aware of the fact that people of different ages suffer with CVD.

I found a few more images to give me some inspiration of how I could set out my illustrations, and in response, I quickly cut up the pictures I had printed and played around with what clothing items I wanted to pair up for my poster.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Having done this, it enabled me to see what would look good as an outfit, and what potentially wouldn’t. I wanted to include movement in the images also, which is why I laid out the clothing items in the way that they are. Adding movement in the photo I felt gave more meaning to the clothing, as well as when I put my illustrations with the pictures; it would help to being the poster to life more.

I quickly sketched some faces that I would like to use for my poster, and I drew them in the style that I felt would work well with the images, as they are simple, but I felt that they would add to the images well, especially when I mock them up.

Putting them altogether, I could see there were some ‘size’ adjustments, however I can see what my idea would look like once I put it into illustrator to refine. So far, the results are looking clearer to how I would like my advertisement posters, as well as keeping to my whole theme of simplicity and inclusion of everyone.


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