Mini brief – Reconnecting.

We have been given a small brief to explore a place that involves connecting and reconnecting. The outcome is to come up with a design response based around these two keywords by visiting somewhere.

The first thought that came to my mind was to think about my previous project Weird and Wonderful London, an activity book where I explored London’s unusual places, giving personal responses to each place I has visited.

Looking back at this project, I noticed that I had also researched places across the UK where I was originally planning to visit until I had condensed it all down.

To help me get some ideas about what I could do for a design response, I did some research. I was more drawn towards the idea of photography and adding an unusual twist to the photographs, whether I illustrate over them or manipulate them in Photoshop.

I noticed that I was becoming more drawn to collages and photographs layered as I was researching more. What I like about this style of work is the story you can tell in one image, but have multiple events going on in a different way every single time.

If I were to produce a piece based around postcards for my place of visit, I would think about how I could create one giant postcard that is made up of all smaller ones. Taking inspiration from my research so far, the idea of having one big image of a collage or photograph with type on, which can be divided into smaller pieces, makes the idea different and unique.

Furthermore, in response to where I may go to compliment with this style, I would like to think about places that could tell a lot of stories, or has a story behind it that makes the audience feel a connection through their senses.


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