Fixing my clothing tags.

Tags perforated

Tags including for the beanies

Here are my final clothing tags, I have decided to get some more clothing tags, and this time I decided against laminating them because of the problems I had previously faced. These results I was much more pleased with, and after perforating them they looked how I had expected them to come out.

When it comes to my exhibition, I will attach these to my clothing pieces to give them a more professional look to the clothing items. The prints on all of the stamps are clear to read and the permanent ink means that it will not rub off when people go to touch it. The perforation was taken into consideration of customers who may want to purchase the clothing as a gift for someone else.

For the beanies, I have included a OSFA (One Size Fits All) on the label to also give the customers extra clarity when they are browsing at certain items that may be harder to know what size would be best for them.


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