Gradients for my pages.

I remembered looking at Victoria’s Secret’s website and they use patterns of the garment to present on the selected clothing items’ page. I thought this was a nice addition to add to a minimalistic set on the page, and so I decided to incorporate my own version using the basic-base colours.

I had a think about how I could present the colours of the tops in a graphic style when I come to design the page of selected items, and I decided to play around with patterns to give each colour a visual identification.

I used illustrator to come up with the basic colours, and to help me get the colours to show examples of how the tones differ from each other, therefore the patterns would differ too.

Using the example of blue, I have put a letter at the bottom of each that represents a specific shade of blue such as Royal Blue. This will help the customer to understand what exact tone it is.

I then went further to find out the exact tones of each colour choice. I had the idea that you can click on the patterns and the colour choice will then appear, allowing you to see the exact colour. I thought this would be a nice addition to put on my website, as it shows how Chroma has considered the fact that pattern can help distinguish colours so much more than a written code of colour.

This also reminded me of my dissertation and the study of the TFL London Underground app. The app has included all different effects to enable people of different visual deficiencies to be able to see and read the maps with ease and independently.


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