For the quick brief that we had to complete this week, we had to think of a brand identity for Kent Sales Academy. The deliverables were to include a logo, style guides and any mock-ups to help back up what we have shown, and how it could look.

My approach for this small project was to think about how I could link the idea of DNA and the three points that were stressed when the client was discussing what the project was about: curiosity, resistance and tenacity.

My overall outcome was inspired by simple logos through my research, and with simplicity, it means that the logo has the flexibility to be used, modified, adapted and could add more to it if the client desires. My deliverable for my logo was to give it a timeless appearance, knowing that logos stand on a company throughout the existence of that company.

I feel my logo meets the expectations of the client’s requests. The logo is diverse and simple as I had previously mentioned, and it has allowed me to experiment a little further about using the split pattern of the logo to create more patterns that could be used, as shown in my mock up.

Although my logo is very simple, I feel that less is more with design. Using the minimalistic approach, I have been able to show that a logo does not need to have a huge amount of detail added to it. Aware of the logo being used on various materials of different sizes also, the adaptations I have shown of the logo being used in different angles and perceptions I hope has shown the client that it is diverse, and that the meaning behind the logo is what he was looking for.

Because it was only a small project, I would have loved to go further with my animation and created a moving animation for my logo. Despite having limited software usage to do this, I have shown what I hoped to have achieved with that quick experiment, and I would like to think about this effect and to take it a lot further in my Final Major Project.


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