What holds the DNA together?

I was interested about the idea of incorporating DNA and the structure as my logo design, and I wanted to find out more about the sugar that keeps the DNA together. In theory, the sugar could represent KSA, which incorporates the three points of DNA: resistance, curiosity and tenacity.

The sugar (ribose) is made up of pentagon molecules to form together the structure. Because the 4 parts that make up the DNA are structured slightly differently from each other, they need to be attached to the correct parts. I thought this was really interesting to note; you need to have the perfect equation in order to complete the structure.

Similarly to the course, you need to put together the parts perfectly in every individual in order to make them superior to the rest and effectively more successful.

A and T pairing

G and C pairing

Here are the diagrams to show the pairs coming together. In response to this, I want to experiment with the shapes as I sketch my own logo. I want to keep it simple however, knowing that it needs to be easily recognizable also.



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