illustrations over collages.

I decided to quickly do some very brief illustrations on top of some more collage pictures that I had put together in response to my research about illustration pictures to use for my models, instead of taking photos of real people. Personally, I work much better sketching my drawings rather than fine line, however with a few of these images, I feel that there is a lot of potential with what I could do with this style for my poster.

A few images I was not too impressed with. Because I was drawing purely from memory, using a pen was difficult to get the faces right, making very easy mistakes that I could not get rid of.

I decided to use my mistakes as a strength in this experiment, and although the illustrations are far from perfect, I think when I get the pictures of my clothing, there could be a lot of potential with what I can do, if I were to use this for my posters.

The benefit of having this style is that I can apply it to a series of posters and have a few links if I have time to make more than one. Showing variation also helps to tell the audience the story of the brand told in more than one way, especially with advertising. This idea will also give my branding identity of imperfections, but imperfections told in a different way.

Considering that this is what my brand is about, I feel this would be a good concept to consider when I gather my pictures together, and to try and refine my illustrations as I practice with my real images.


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