For my tags, I am deciding to personally stamp on the clothes sizes, prices and what the colours are. I wanted to do this to make the tags more personal to the customer, that they are getting the best shopping experience they could get knowing that everything from the tags to the website design has been considered to ensure that they feel my brand is the ‘ultimate’ brand against all of the others.

After practicing on a few different materials that I had quickly found around me, I noticed that the ink was smudging very easily as shown. I also got myself another black ink that was waterproof in case the ink provided in the stamp wasn’t (was not specified on the package).

The instructions on the permanent ink say that it does work on semi gloss as long as you wait 20 minutes for it to dry. I thought this would work to my advantage because of the finish the tags could have when they are specially made.

Although I had checked with the company to what finish they are, they say that the finish has a semi-gloss effect on them. With the ink provided with the original stamp, this would have meant that the words would have smudged and not stuck to the material. With this ink however, the ink should stay on.

Acknowledging that a lot of people are going to be touching the tags, I thought this was the best option to ensure that the labels do not get smudged, and the essential information remains on the tags.

The benefit of having the ink in black and white also makes it easy to read for everyone. The sans serif font is bold and is similar to the font that I am using for my project (Kannada for Serif, Helvetica Neue for Sans Serif), which helps to link everything together still.


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