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This week long project has been hugely beneficial to me to try and get my head around working quickly but efficiently. The brief was to come up with a campaign to promote World of Tanks via a website and an app design. we had to be cautious of our target audience and how we can promote the idea that the game is free to play.

My idea when I saw this brief was to think of giving the audience a taster of ‘what they were missing’. By doing this, I thought it would be more beneficial to educate them whilst they were becoming more interested in the game at the same time without first downloading it.

Overall, my final piece showcases an example of how my target audience can get engaged with the tanks, the game and also learns a lot about war and how machines work. I wanted the campaign to be simple for everyone to navigate and understand, because the target audience will range from young adults and above.

Because I knew various people of various abilities would be playing the game, I wanted to make sure it was as accessible as possible by checking the colours and making sure that the whole design layout was simple enough to follow through easily.

I feel I have met the brief very well. My website and my app design have been mocked up efficiently, showing the basic concept of how it would work through Invision. Moreover, despite I had never used the software before, I feel I had achieved a good outcome considering that I was having to use trial and error to finish my piece.

Because it was only a week-long project, I would have loved to perfect my website and app, making it even more accessible with more buttons and pages to help link everything more clearly. I would have also liked to perfect the layouts more by including clearer systems and diagrams. Nevertheless, the whole layout sticks to the theme and it is easily accessible by everyone, as well as promoting the fact that it is free to play. Despite this, I am proud of what I have done for my work and the extent of it in the short space of time there was provided.


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