Youtube videos.

To give me a better experience of the video aspect and animation, I looked up on Youtube for some gaming videos that advertised the game and gave me a perspective of what the game could be like.

What I can see from looking at the videos, is that the games all link with being constant and fast paced, you need to be constantly weary of what is around you, as well as making sure that you are paying close attention to your controls to make sure your enemy does not catch you.

Form my website campaign, I think it would be a good idea to include a way of having the audience look at the battlefield from a 360-degree view. One issue that I would possibly face is trying to get the video put up, or trying to include all of the small elements into one website.

The idea of using video would be a good idea to use within the website somehow. Although a video is a ‘newer’ idea for website design, the audience may not want to view a whole video. If the video also contains audio, I would need to ensure that it could be accessible for everyone, including those who are deaf and cannot hear the surround sounds.

The emotions you get however from videos are far greater than just imagery. Videos shown to advertise the game gives the audience an emotive feeling of being in the game themselves, as well as giving the characters identity and character.

Although in the game this may not be specified, by including this as part of the advertising, it shows people that the game is not just a game, but it is a way of finding other people and learning about them as if they were real people.


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