Topo designs.

Topo designs are a US based company that sells products that is suited for the outdoors. Their website is clean, fresh and interactive with slideshows. The style of this website reminded me of the style for my own website with its minimalistic style.

Using a minimalistic style for a website with different products I have found to be the best option. I really liked the page of the packs, where it shows an ‘outfit’ of products that merge well with each other, and each product is explained with a link you can follow to add the product to your bag.

For the clothing, they showcase the product on its own, and as you click on it and scroll down, you can see the product being worn on various models. What I didn’t like was how far you had to scroll down, however the style has really influenced me to think about how I could incorporate this idea into my work.

In the womenswear also, I noticed that they presented the range of colours on the page also. Although this was a good idea, I was unsure as to how much someone who was colour blind could see these colours as they were merged together, in case two blended too much against each other.

An idea I had to follow from this would be to present the shirt on the selected page and present them as a slideshow, rather than individual images as you scroll down the page.

With the colours, I think it would be a good idea to identify the colours with patterns, or to possibly use the option of ‘more colours’ before you select on the clothing item. On the selected page in this case, it might be good to include pattern on the selected colour filters, to give people who cannot see the colour a visual idea of the differences between the colours through pattern, rather than colour.



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