My target audience.

The target audience is the essential element for any design project. For this project in particular, I have got to think about who will want to look at my campaign and why they would be interested in it, as well as how it would interest them.

From looking at the website and the characters involved, the game appears to be clearly addressed to men who are 18+ due to the harsh graphics and violence. What this means, is that I would need to consider designing my website campaign that is appropriate for everyone to look at, however it gives a taster for what my target audience would be facing if they were to download the game.

As a comparison against other games such as Call Of Duty, the game itself allows you to progress, and similar to COD, you are constantly facing battles in what might appear to be a never-ending game.

This is extremely important to note, as the game needs to be appealing for people who may have a lot of time to play, but also to those who may only have limited time for it. My target audience would be people who are interested in these types of games and graphics, as well as wanting the ability to learn and strategise what they are doing, which is the whole concept of the game.

They will be independent to know what they are doing, and I would need to ensure that my campaign could show my target that this game is better than the rest of the other games due to its careful planning and consistent developing.

I would also need to pay close attention to the colour scheme. From looking previously at the website, the colours are very neutral and dark to represent the atmosphere of being in a real life warzone, using only camouflage based colours where it was necessary.


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