Design sketch for WOTX.

I did a quick sketch for how I would like my website campaign to look like. The idea of it is that the pages are going to be linked, and they will all be anchored. What this means, is the navigational process will be extremely easy.

The whole point of the campaign is to inform the audience what all of the tanks are and giving them a taster of what it is like to play the game before they download it. The story will be told through the history of the tanks and the soldiers that work inside it.

 How the campaign will work, is it will run on its own separate domain, but it will link with the original website. I want to ensure that everything has been carefully thought through with this project. Because digital design can easily leave certain parts out, I want to make sure each ‘page’ is thoroughly done.

  • The initial homepage will be a video that has sound effects of people talking in the game within the tank. The video will show snippets of different scenes, from joy riding to battles in various tanks and the view will be like the audience is playing the actual game. The homepage will have the button to start the free trial as well as the option to try the ‘tank tester’ that follows the trail of the tank. As you click on a button from the menu, the tank will suddenly divert and the page will begin to appear until it is fully shown.
  • The menu will be hidden at the top on the side there will be the funnel where the bombs are shot. If you click on it, the menu will shoot out like as if it were a real gun. The funnel will have an ‘X’ on it, so you can close the menu if you wish to do so also. The menu will have a homepage, about, tank testing and contact button. It will be kept very simple and easy to navigate. On the menu also, it will include the link to go to the original WOTX site also.
  • The about page will consist of facts about the game purely to give the audience some information. I want to keep this as minimal as possible to allow the focus to be driven to the testing page.
  • The testing page is the primary focus of the campaign. When you select it from the menu, 9 flag buttons will appear, and when you hover over one, half a face of a soldier from that region will appear, and when you click on it, the flag will appear again and it will direct you to the next anchor page. The flag will now stay on one corner to help you keep track of what you’ve selected.
  • The next page will show a map of the game, with circles going around to represent all of the tanks, which will be ranked in a clockwise motion. When you hover over one of them, a faded picture of that tank will appear but the blueprint will be more apparent, and when you select it, the tank will come together in an animated version.
  • The next page will show the information about the tank, the soldiers in the tank, and all the advances you can put on the tank, which will adjust the factual information about it. Once you are happy with your selection, you can click on the button to give you a pre taster of what it is like to be in the game with your selected vehicle.

The last page will show you what it is like to play the game. You will have 3 lives, and you have about 5 minutes to make a target. By having a 5 minute mark it will give the audience a taster of figuring out the game and the controls, and when it is up and they have failed/succeeded, it should encourage them to want to try again and downloa


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