Testing my logo Ishihara style – further experimentation.

I was determined to make the Ishihara test work to enable everyone to look at the same image with different perspectives, so I first tried changing some of the coding on the software to see if I could get the colours and the sizes of the circles to differentiate slightly more, however it did not go to plan when I had put it into Photoshop and grescaled the image again.

I realised to get the image in the greyscale setting to show, I would need to up the contrast from the colours even more, meaning I would need to change the colours of the image where the logo is becoming Ishihara.

I changed the setting on the software to ‘viewable to all’, meaning the colours that came out supposedly allowed anyone with any visual deficiencies to see the image. Although this did not work using the settings given, I changed the levels slightly in Photoshop to allow maximum contrast between the two set colours, which made a huge change to the image.

After testing out the image in greyscale first, I then changed the settings for colour blind, and then normal perception. Each one seemed to work perfectly with each other. I was really happy with this outcome, as this now meant that I could not only develop my logo to creating all different outcomes for people to see the logo in different stages, it has also enabled me to be able to present the logo in this style using one picture.

I tried the same technique using smaller circles to make up the logo, and the outcome came out exactly how I had hoped it would. Knowing that this method has not been put into practice before, I felt this was a huge challenge that I had accomplished, and I feel extremely relieved that it had worked. Using smaller circles to make up the image Ishihara style makes the logo clearer to see from a glance, but it still means you need to look at the image to ‘join the dots’ to see the image as a whole.


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