Wim Crouwel.

Wim Crouwel is another graphic design who focuses on simplicity with design, especially with logos. He is known for his abstract appearance and bold appearance, keeping his work mostly flat and timeless because of that.

What I saw in his work is that he either used complete symbols, or used simple typography within a grid system to become a symbol in their own right. In response to this, I decided to play around with my title to try and come up with symbols and different pieces of artwork that was inspired by Crouwel. 

What I found interesting, was when I set my timer again to 15 minutes to do the same task as before, I noticed I had to really think outside the box for the symbols I could use. I found this task a lot more difficult to do in the 15 minutes, however by the end I was noticing that I was incorporating more negative space symbols for my logo.

I felt the symbol of the triangle being made up of negative and positive circles in the format of an Ishihara test could work well, however I feel I could keep exploring further with logos.




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