My aim for this project will be to come up with a new minimalistic clothing brand that tailors for those who find it hard to go shopping independently and choose their own style of clothes. Using people who are colour-blind as my example, people cannot see certain colours on clothes, and therefore cannot shop independently without guidance of another person with perfect vision.

From this, I intend to design an app that allows people to scan the clothes / tag, and reveal complimenting choices from that same shop for people to have a browse, helping them to pick outfits without colours clashing.

Following from these two concepts, I will design the tag to scan as well as create a website version, so people can have a look online and order the products to their home, giving multiple options to shop.

The brand I will design will be targeted at those who are colour blind, and I also intend to create a minimal advertisement poster to compliment the theme. Moreover, the target audience will be those who are adults, and the fashion will be a combination to suit various age groups for both genders.

My method of research will be to look at existing clothing website and apps, as well as the simplicity of logos. I will research about colour blindness and how technology is becoming more advanced, enabling people to interact more than ever.

I will carefully revise my work throughout and ensure that everything is done in good time. I will also keep making sure that I am meeting my learning outcomes through critical analysis and continuous problem solving. By showing this, I will be doing thumbnail sketches, mock-ups and experimentation with each element to ensure that I achieve the best possible outcome.

I intend to have each element of work done on average one per week. This will leave me enough time to get everything made, prepared and ready for the final hand in at the beginning of June.


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