Noises in colour blindness – Colour blindness tests.

Colour blind people are able to see better camouflage images, however they cannot see colours that have similar hues. I found a few examples to show how the noise of the hues can affect how people with different types of colour blindness can see.

This first example is where only two photopigments work on the test. What was interesting to see was that there was no appearance of the number in any of the other two pictures.

The next example is where only one photopigment is slightly off, which enables people to slightly see colours a little bit more than the example above.

Because graphic design needs to capture the attention of people quickly and effectively, I will need to consider how I can design my brand logo and the overall theme to attract everyone in my target audience, rather than what has been the majority (people with perfect vision).

The idea that people who are colour blind are the minority is appearing more insignificant and unreliable, because of the types of colour blindness as well as the different strengths that are involved. Moreover, because every eye is different, as previously mentioned, people see colours in different ways.

The example of the coloured map reminded me of how the TFL London Underground map causes a lot of confusion for people who are colour blind. This was a big topic for my dissertation, and it got me thinking how much people cannot see the graphics in design in public areas.

Going back to the Coca-Cola Life advertisement, I feel it would be appropriate to incorporate a way that colour blind people could see my logo design easily, but also allows people with ‘perfect vision’ to see it also, but knowing that the main focus is for people who have been considered the minority.

What I intend to do is draw up some sketches for my logo design and my title for Mono, and see how I can apply it to suit my target audience.



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