Colour blindness simulator.

I found a few websites that help you to see what a colour blind person would see. On the website I found, I realised there were a lot of different types within the same category. After playing around with the Coca-Cola Life advert to try and see if I could see what they could see, I realised there was not much luck. Whether the software was not able to pick up the deliberate hues, or the image itself wasn’t as clear as I thought it was going to be.

However, the video about the campaign showed people who could see the word life clearly, whereas others who had ‘perfect vision’ could not see it at all. The software was really interesting to play around with and experiment with, as it showed how people with different visual impairments would look at the same image, as well as helping people with ‘perfect vision’ to understand what it would be like for those with particular visual deficiencies.


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