Coca-Cola Life.

The campaign for the new brand of Coca-Cola Life that had come out back in 2015 was first tailored to those who are specifically colour blind for the people in Denmark. 17% of people, predominantly men, are colour blind in Denmark, which is a surprisingly large proportion of people who cannot see certain colours that people with “perfect vision” can see.

They put up a poster that only red-green colour-blind people could see. Red-green colour-blind people are the most common type, which they wanted to tailor this to. The reverse ishihara image says life in the center, with the title reading what is hiding in the bubbles?


package-coca-cola-lifeI saw that they had given a taster for the new brand to some people in Copenhagen. They made a glass with the pattern, a card with the poster campaign and a few herbs in two plastic containers. Each of these revealed a clue about the new brand of Coca-Cola, but only can the colour blind see it fully before the rest of the target audience could.

The message was to engage people and to raise awareness of the fact that not everyone can see the same, the general trend of social awareness and inclusiveness in advertising is something they wanted to address to. After a week the poster was revealed and everyone could see the campaign, however during the week there was a lot of attention grasped from this.

coca-cola-life-advertHow is semiotics applied with this?

Because only people who are red-green colour-blind can see the poster before anyone else, it creates a reverse effect of what people can and cannot see when they first look at something.

The idea that the first impression makes a huge impact on a design piece and the audience works in the opposite effect, because people with ‘perfect vision’ would need to wait or try to figure out what the message is trying to say. Semiotics is something that I am going to apply with a lot throughout my project, as it is a topic that will need to be constantly considered with my theme.

The probable issue that could have risen from this advertisement camnpaign was that people might have seen it as offensive for Coca-Cola using the ‘qualities’ of people in specific target groups for ‘commercial gain’.


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