FMP: Brief.

The brief for my FMP will be focusing on the semiotics of graphic design and how people look and judge at something based on how they first look at it. I intend to explore thoroughly how this can affect the target audience, and to focus on individuals that could be affected more than others.

My aim for this project is to come up with something that perhaps gives the target audience a moment to stop and think about what the design is conveying (or if it is conveying anything at all?).

I want to focus on my strengths throughout this project and focus on digital print and advertising where it would be appropriate, and to come up with a professional outcome that can be displayed as part of my exhibition in June. I do however want to keep challenging myself and to find out new ways of designing digitally.

Through careful research, planning and experimenting, I intend to show how far I have come from the beginning of this project to the end. By showing critical analysis and research, I want to show the development of the project with a continuous flow of research to back this up. From this, the reflections of my work throughout will also help me to understand this.

My research will come from various resources such as videos, campaigns, posters, objects and more to help inspire me to think of a final piece that will help to combine all of these together.

Brainstorm I decided to do a brainstorm about a few topics that I wanted to explore into. I decided to keep my focus based around food, myself and colour blindness. I chose each of these because I felt they could be explored in completely different ways and will help me to think about what I could do differently with each.

I decided to stick to the topic of colour blindness. Because this was a topic I had used in my dissertation, as well as beginning to apply it from my previous project, I decided I wanted to keep exploring this topic, and how important it is in the graphic design industry.

I noticed I was asking more questions in the brainstorm on this topic than all of the rest. This influenced me to want to learn even more about colour blindness. Because graphic design is essentially all about colour and attraction to the target audience, I feel this would be a good title to start with my project, to focus on the colour blind.

This specific target audience we consider as the minority of the population, but knowing that over 300 million people suffer with this, and even more counting, people who do not suffer from this do not understand how much not seeing something because of the colours merging affects them. The first impressions they get are affected because of this.


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