Design Museum.

I went to check out the new Design Museum that is now located in Kensington, and whilst there I had a look at the exhibitions that were going on.

Fear and Love.

Fear and Love explores what is going on today, and designers have come together to create all different design pieces that helps to relate to what the issue around the world currently is going through.

My favourite exhibit from this was Mimus, a robot that detects your movement through sensors. The exploration of how humans could potentially be taken over by robots could be evident with this piece, considering that Mimus can find who you are without the help of humans to show where we are.

The whole exhibition explored various ways of showing how design is adapting to the world today, and potentially for the future. The example of the staples was really interesting to find out how some of the most basic food groups that we eat can be used to not only feed us, but to produce all different fuels, materials and mechanisms.

Designs of the Year 2017.

This exhibition I found really inspiring, especially with the graphic design concepts. What struck me most were the iPhone advertisements, the postcards of data and the info graphic displaying a refugee camp.

The advertisement of the iPhone photography is shot all around London. The advertisement runs parallel with the simplicity of the overall concept of Apple and its minimalistic approach. Minimalism is something, which I particularly am influenced by. With these advertisements, the simplicity of them is what makes them stand out against other posters, as well as their clean approach.

The refugee camp I thought was really interesting because it showed the map of text and basic illustration, but the map is depicted in a way that you can almost visualise what it is like by reading each piece. The map shows facts and information about each area, and why it is so significant.

The postcards of two pen pals writing to each other were one of my favourites. What I really enjoyed was looking at what they were discussing each week, and writing data about it in a new and creative way. I found this very influential with considering my FMP and how I can present data (if I were to choose that path) in fun and creative ways.


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