Making my final piece.

To begin with my cut out, I got the outlines of every layer printed. I used a scalpel knife for the whole process, starting off with cutting out the silhouette of my head. I then began working on the brain, using a trace, which I had put on top of the card. By doing it this way, the scalpel would have dented the card already as I was going over it, which meant that I could carve out the objects more accurately after with a spotlight.

It was really difficult cutting out the piece, ensuring that no pieces had drastically been ruined. Carefully I carved out my segments, which took me about two weeks to do. Once I had everything carved out, I began to consider the colours I was going to use.

Following from the feedback I had got, I decided to go for a dark background, playing around with the sizes and composition. I ended up going with the background the covered the whole silhouette, because it then retained the focus on the head. I mounted the layers using clear foam stickers, so that they did not look too visible if I picture was to be hung up.

After experimenting with the colours, I had decided that all of the yellow took out some of the detail from the whole of the brain. Because the whole image is a symbol of what someone thinks, I thought it would also make the audience think that some people are always looking on the ‘bright side’, which in reality people do not. I wanted to still incorporate some colour variant, so I opted for a dark grey to bevel behind some of the segments of the brain, but also cut out bits of yellow to put on front also on some areas.

I thought I needed to bring some of the attention to detail out even further, so I layered the grey behind the owl so the detail was more visible behind the yellow, and I also made the stars yellow to show the brighter colour trickling through the brain, instead of having the colours too separately apart.

I thought this represented a much more accurate description of what goes on inside someone’s head; knowing that people think differently about things at different times, as well as understanding that some people have a more positive outlook on things than others.

Overall, I’m happy with how my final piece has come out with so far. My next step is to take pictures of the final piece hung up to then be presented onto a poster, as well as mocking it up in the article.


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