Mock up of my final poster.

Before I do the article for my final piece, I need to complete my picture. To make sure that everything looks the way I am intending it to, is I did a quick mock up digitally using a silhouette from Google. I then also used the Science Museum logo to see how it might possibly look.

I decided to colour it also using the colours that I have for my card, to ensure that the colours work well with the cut out. I was really happy with the result, so I decided to do it again using my own silhouette. What I have decided to do, is render the Who am I? in illustrator to make sure it is not blurry on the poster. I am deciding to do the text digitally after I have completed the picture. I thought this would still work really well considering.

I then changed the cut out to white. I thought this worked a lot better than the blue. What I thought I could do, is use the white card and underlay it from the purple, so that the white comes through instead of the blue on the cut out, to make it stand out more.

I had a look at it on its own as a paper cut, and I felt I it was missing something slightly at the bottom. I thought about putting an additional layer of text relating to the whole topic of what I am talking about. I thought about putting a quote of ‘lets get personal’ at the bottom.

 I first experimented with an existing image on the bottom and put a circle over the image so there wasn’t a clash with the text and image. I thought that this did work really well as it allowed me to be able to add text onto the image without feeling I have to crop / cut anything I don’t want to.


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