Inspiring artists that incorporate layers.

As part of my research, I wanted to research how art and design uses 2D prints, but make them have that 3D appearance and feel to them when you look at it. Wes Anderson’s film Fantastic Mr. Fox was a perfect example of how layers can be used in its simplest form, to create something truly amazing. Although he used 3D models, the backgrounds in some of the field scenes especially are made up of layers of what looks to be card coloured and placed behind another, creating a dense atmosphere filled with detail and tones.

 The style of the film also reminded me of Olly Moss’s work of his posters, which give a more retro feel to them in comparison to the modern posters we may see today. Because of his unique style, he uses layers digitally in the space of a person or object to create a completely surreal image, layered with detail. What I love especially is that he makes all the separated ‘layers’ merge into one with the original image such as The Jungle Book. The attention to detail inside the frame means the image is not too overcrowded with imagery, and that the text also allows itself to stand out alone with the image also.

Similarly with Olly Moss’s poster style, I found Volume Inc whilst looking at the Graphic Designs of the Year, and this campaign won the Silver award. The campaign was to rebrand YBCA: You program to bring artists together. What caught my attention with this was how personal they made each picture feel. By using real people as the frame of the image, and what appears to be an image that would be significant to that person inside, it creates a more personal approach in the advertising. The posters look inviting yet intriguing, as you want to know more about the information of the image inside the frame of that individual.

What I have noticed between each of these three pieces of artwork/design pieces is the attention to detail and how personal the artist/designer has made it with the style they have approached with each individual piece. Knowing that I would like to incorporate this theme with my design, I will consider this whilst further researching.

I feel more inspired to want to do something hand-rendered rather than digital, as I feel this will back up the personal approach that I want to try and incorporate in my design. By going along with the paper cut theme, I can research ideas that other artists would have done to create a personal experience.

One issue that I will need to consider throughout this project is making sure that the links between the method and the practice go well together. To help solve this issue, I will take a look at previous exhibitions I have been to and have a look at the posters, styles and other influences I have gained from them to come up with my campaign.[]=fantastic%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=mr%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=fox%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=movie%7Ctyped


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