Design Science.

I wanted to take a look at how graphic design is applied with science, and I found the website Design Science as I was researching. Design Science shows various projects over the years showing science being advertised in different ways through graphic design.

As I was looking through, I noticed that the advertisements ranged in various mediums and the posters were represented in all different ways. One of the examples was the Hunterian Museum, which I have visited before. The museum is an intense study about the bodies of living organisms especially for surgeons. This was interesting to look at because it gave a good insight to the different organs and bones in different bodies. What fascinated me the most when I visited, was how similar but different everything was, which I thought related well to my project about how an individual’s mind can be so different from another, but how the physical part of it is similar in the appearance, as well as the emotional part that everyone experiences similar emotions, but in different ways.


Litmuspaper is one example of using patterns to create an image at the front of their covers. Looking through the articles also, I noticed that everything had so much information to be told, it made me think about using the ideas that I have come up with, to produce an article advertising about an upcoming exhibition at a Science based event such as the Science Museum in London.

The Science Museum continuously has a lot of exhibitions going on that run periodically. One exhibition that started in 2010 was the Who am I? exhibition, which focused on who we were through objects and technology. The exhibition reminded me a lot about my idea, and how science has the ability to really get into the core of people’s brains without them consciously realising.

I think this title has a lot of potential for my project. I would like to use this exhibition for my project as if the Science Museum was updating the exhibition to what they are continuously finding out. With this, I can create an article to explain the changes over 6 years from the previous exhibition, and discuss how it is making a comeback, using the new advances of technology and latest innovations, focusing even more on the individual’s mind and the thought processes that people experience everyday. I could also create a poster to advertise this, which would target all audiences who are interested in science and art, and how they both come together to conclude the way that we think today.



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