Who am I? exhibition.

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Templates for my poster.

I went along to the Science Museum to take a look at the Who am I? exhibition to gather research for my project. The exhibition is full of interaction and information, making you understand how your body works and what could make us who we are today.

I spent a long time at one of the computer desk screens, where they had a series of information and questions that are frequently asked by the public. I thought this was really interesting, especially on the questions about emotions and our personality, and how our genes determine this, as well as our surroundings.

Our surroundings I found were to be a huge factor to who we are today. The influences we have around us with social media, as well as the rapid formations of science and how we could possibly be half robot in the ‘near’ future. My favourite area was the interactive screen, which asked you a series of questions to help narrow down who you are as a person. At the end, your details are saved, and you become part of an interactive wall at the entrance, almost like you are part of the data they are collecting now.

The exhibition shows an excellent process of how we could be who we are today, which has inspired me to think about what goes on inside someone’s head and to try and come up with a new poster to advertise this in a different perspective.

Because the Science Museum, as well as the exhibition, is continuouslty developing and expanding, I would like my final piece to show a more personal approach, showing the public how personal research can get.

I want my final piece to also show individuality, and to present it as part of an add-on to the science museum, similar to the pictures and quotes that are dotted around the area.




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