Spotify advertisement.

The new advertisements going around London uses their own facts and statistics to make a series of spin off advertisements. The adverts I felt were funny with their use of sarcasm involved. The adverts are successful in the way that they make you think about what it could be that they are talking about, as well as giving you information about Spotify and even about the people who follow them.

Tony Rawlins, a design expert who focused his talk about Fine Art and Advertising and how it has been influenced and applied, gave us a talk. What I took from his talk was the points of how the customer needs to understand the purpose/point of the advert when they look at it.

What I did find interesting however was that he mentioned the customer should have to do some of the working out as well as the designer telling them what the purpose of it is.

Using Michelangelo’s David as an example, he was used in an advert by Levi’s to make the point of how men cannot be naked in adverts, as well as promoting the jeans. It was also telling the customer in a non verbal matter how the jeans that were being worn are no longer in fashion so therefore why is it still fashionable to say women can expose themselves, but men cannot? This was a really interesting point; the clues in a simple design have managed to create a very complex design piece.

The music video 70 Million by Hold your Horses was also shown to show us exactly how many famous paintings there were by different artists. Tony emphasised how paintings all have clues and meanings behind them; some are exaggerated to emphasise a point and some show clues hidden everywhere for the same reason.

The same with this music video, it was done to show us that the famous paintings are still appreciated, but it was done in a more light-hearted meaningful way. In order to understand the video, you need to understand the pictures, or at least know what they were. This was something that inspired me when thinking about this project, and to try and create a piece that may appear abstract, but with thought people will come to understand it.

These campaigns I feel depict the right use of sarcasm with what they are trying to promote. Because advertisements are something that is necessary in design today, I would like to try and make my own version of creative advertising by coming up with an idea to try and promote the idea and concept about a person’s emotions, and to try and tackle the problems of what goes on inside their head.



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