APP: Theme 2.

For the final part of my APP, I have decided to choose one of the themes A Short Story. Throughout the research I will conduct, I will choose what theme I would like to base my project around. The reason I chose these two themes, because I felt that these two have a lot of potential to broaden out into different areas.

For this project, I will focus on how I want the outcome to look to people. Having an interest in food, I would like to do something within this category, however I would like to play a spin off also on something to make my topic of food fun and creative. I also had the idea of looking into people and to try and tackle the consistent issue of what goes on inside someone’s head, why they think the way they do, and what battles they may have to face.

I did a quick brainstorm of the restaurants that I enjoy going to on a regular basis. Each restaurant I labeled under a specific cuisine. I thought this was a good idea to help generate some ideas for me in trying to come up with an idea relating to food. The main restaurants that really stuck out for me were Dishoom, Jamie’s Italian and Bill’s. These three restaurants show a completely different style of cuisine against another, however each restaurant serves up some of my favourite meals.

What I like about each of these restaurants is that the atmosphere in each one, regardless of what location the chain is at, they each have their own individual style, something of which I would like to use as inspiration for my piece.

I then pointed my focus onto the idea of emotions and how I can extend upon that. I thought of a few really interesting ideas about how I can display someone’s thoughts in a paper cut format. I liked the idea of displaying my own personal thoughts down, as this would help get a good sense of direction onto getting the depth of detail into someone’s head.

I then had to consider my audience if I was to consider this. I thought about how I could display the piece of work, and the two main concepts were coming up with an article for a creative/science magazine, or a poster to advertise an event coming up.

I was more in favour with coming up with a magazine article; I could research about the magazine I would like to put it in, as well as experiment with my photography and layout skills amongst this project.

I feel I could get a lot more out of this idea, and I am going to pursuit in doing this. to overcome the problem about who my audience is going to be, I will put the idea in context of having it in a magazine article about the science that happens inside someone’s brain, and propose an advertisement about an exhibition occurring in the Science Museum to show the full potential of where this outcome can go.


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