Good design? Evaluation.

PDF Presented to Prepworld

PDF Presented to Prepworld

The presentation that I had delivered to Prepworld was successful in terms of grabbing their attention and making them think. Having asked them a question from the start about what they have done in the past that was memorable, it set a good scene for my presentation. From my presentation, I was able to explain the important topic of how good my design would be, and how it would benefit the company.

Throughout my project prior to the presentation, I had constantly thought about how sustainable the project would be, and whether it would be something that is memorable enough for the employees to consistently understand the message and feel more motivated in their workplace. My outcome for this objective was the mosaic story would show them how important sustaining fruit is, as well as how important they are with this process also.

Because a lot of the employees most likely would not speak in another language other than their own, which would cause lack of communication. The idea of getting them together to create a mosaic piece would enhance this communication in other ways than verbal. By working as a team, they can connect with what would appear to be a work of art, which they can take full responsibility for.

The feedback I had got from the presentation explained how the employees may not feel inclined to want to create a mosaic piece, or that the mosaic pieces to buy would be cheap. Throughout the project I had thought about these two complications that I understood that Prepworld would also face. They had suggested getting someone from outside to make it, however I felt that could defeat the object of the design piece.

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In response to this, I proposed how you can buy mosaic tiles cheap, as well as the materials to build it. I also suggested using other forms of materials that may not be mosaic pieces. Other materials could be coloured materials that could be recycled into mosaic pieces such as bottle caps, paper, fabrics; anything to help prevent waste. Moreover, the emphasis on the words pride and teamwork that I had addressed to them would play a major role in my final outcome(s).

This project was extremely difficult to come up with an idea that is different and meets all of the requirements, such as hygiene, ethical precautions, cost and how much it would help reduce fruit waste. I had been forced to think more outside of the box and think more creatively on how I can get the employees together to do something, which is why I had come up with the theme interaction and therefore coming up with the idea of a mosaic; a fun and simple piece of artwork that conveys a message.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my feedback, as I have addressed in this evaluation. The complication I have had to face with this project, following from the feedback, was trying to show Prepworld how teamwork from the employees could make a massive difference. Moreover, I would love to have had the opinions directly from the employees if they would be interested in participating in doing a mosaic piece, and seeing how they get on. I feel that I have met the expectations of a socially conscious designer, as there is evidence I have carefully thought through some of the more difficult precautions, and I have tried to avoid the more complicated issue of no verbal communication with the employees. Moreover, I feel I have met the criteria in good design by considering my theme of Be Fruitful throughout the entire project.


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