The brief of this project was to come up with a campaign to tell the employees to waste less fruit. There was a lot of strict guidelines that was needed to be considered such as the hygiene conditions, language barrier, environment and making sure that it appeals to everyone at Prepworld.

By overall idea was a concept of how I could demonstrate the idea of a journey running throughout the factory. The 8 images all symbolize a stage in the production of the fruit, from the farming to the buying. I have tried to include everyone throughout this journey in the pictures. Theoretically, the images are meant to be in mosaic tiles of different shapes, colour and sizes, however the employees themselves would have done this.

I thought that my project throughout was extremely consistent in making sure I address each problem appropriately. The idea of interaction played one of the main roles throughout this project, however the theme of wasting less fruit, or to be fruitful, was evident also.

The aim of my mosaics was to allow the employees to actively get involved in something fun and rewarding on their behalf. By producing the mosaic pieces, they can see the journey evolve, knowing that they put in that effort to create a beautiful piece that will be hung across the factory. Through this, they understand the message of the value of fruit, but also the value of them, because the pictures show how they also play a major role.

I feel that I have addressed the problem raised by the client in trying to make the employees understand that fruit is valuable, however I have purposely shown it in a completely different light; I have considered the role of reverse psychology instead of telling them the facts.

I chose against doing a poster/animation because I feel after a while, the message becomes vague and people stop taking notice. By actively involving the employees to create a beautiful piece of “info-graphic” that tells a story, they will remember it more, because they would be more considerate on the fact that they had helped to make this piece, thus giving them more pride in themselves and their work.

I am really pleased with my outcome, and if it were possible in the time frame I would have loved to get one made up. However I feel the concept of the mosaic on a digital format is complex enough to show how the message comes across, as well as giving a clear visual understanding of the process.


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