Mosaic practicing using Photoshop.

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I have decided that my final piece will be a mock up of what the pictures would look like if they were to be made in real life. In order to make this look as realistic as possible, I need to think of a way to do this. What I have decided on doing, is using Photoshop to manipulate my images to look like mosaic pieces (or as close to) as if that’s how it will look like in real life.

I played around using some of the sketches that I did to get some ideas, as well as use some of the pictures that I took when I visited the factory. The two main filters that I found effective were Crystallise and Stained Glass. The Mosaic filter I felt did not give it the look and feel that I wanted for my final piece, and therefore I left it out after the last few images, because it continuously did not seem to work.

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Both the Crystallise and Stained Glass filter seemed to work really well with both sets of images. They both worked well with photographs and drawings.

What I found interesting, was that the more detail that was in the picture, the bigger the ‘tiles’ needed to be to try and blend the tones more together. This was because too many coloured tiles trying to blend together made the image look too abstract and confusing.

I want my mosaic to look abstract, but also clear to see the image when you view it from a distance. Because I want the employees to see and appreciate the image that they have created, I want every corner to have enough detail to keep them interested, but not so much detail that they are put off looking at it because it is too confusing to the eye to make out what it is.


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