The Crofton School mosaic.

Back in 2007, I was given the opportunity to participate in the mosaic that still stands outside the reception of my junior school, Crofton. The mosaic was in collaboration with Spinnaker Trust over 4 weeks. The picture resembled young pupils travelling to school, learning and playing.

Each class would take it in turns in putting together a segment of mosaic, whether it is a tile or jewels, to create a beautiful masterpiece. 11 years later looking at it, it felt like no time had gone by.

The mosaic piece came to my mind as I thought back on a previous memory, and the idea sparked. The emotions I felt when creating the piece was positive and I loved the effort everyone put in. most of all, knowing that I had created a tiny segment of the piece, it was something that stuck in my head.

This has completely inspired me to think about doing something like this with the employees. Because the picture tells a story, I could incorporate this idea for the employees to do themselves also. This way, they will be creating, learning, interacting and gaining a sense of pride without having any negative impact on them or revealing any harsh facts.

“The mosaic project was fantastic, as the children were able to create something which represents their time spent at Crofton Junior School.” Senior assistant headteacher Sarah Branwood

By doing a visual piece, employees would be able to look at it everyday with the same pride and satisfaction as to when they first did it. This is hugely significant because by putting regular updates on food waste etc. the employees may not feel inclined to want to listen after so long.

If this was to work, there could be the possibility of putting up multiple mosaics over the factory, as well as using the screens to possibly have a slideshow of the mosaics being made, as well as pictures of customers and producers enjoying the fruit.

By presenting the journey of fruit in a fun and non verbal manner, the employees would feel more motivated in their job, knowing that it is being recognised, and that ‘every piece matters’.


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