Interactive books.

I wanted to take a closer look as to what kind of interactive books I could get my hands onto and how I could apply it to interactive learning. I found a couple of adult’s activity books, which I had bought a while ago, yet I am still to complete them. I also found a few images of some books that I took notes of when I went to the Colour and Vision exhibition. I chose these books to note at the time, because I thought that the ideas behind them would help me to spark some creative ideas for some upcoming projects.

What I have noticed from the activities for adults, and activities for kids, is that they both contain a lot of information on the page, enough to keep you looking, but each part of the page is different; nothing looks the same.

I have found the Colour and Vision exhibition more influential than I had originally thought it would be. What I keep picking up throughout this project is how colour is so important in everyday life, and how colour can make all the difference in an individuals’ life.

The idea of interaction from these books in a subconscious way has got me thinking of how I could incorporate this idea into my project. A lot of these books with problems in have a solution, which is solved by the audience. Because active interaction creates a more memorable experience, I feel this would be a great thing to incorporate into my design, as it requires minimal speaking if it was purely visual.


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