Prepworld message presentation.

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In order for us to come up with the most appropriate theme for the project, we got together in groups to discuss how we can present the message, before we came forward with ideas. Our solution was to come up with a presentation that showed our underlying tagline: Be Fruitful.

We chose this idea because we wanted the concern to be more about the employees, rather than focusing on the money and waste. From previous experiences, people feel more inclined to be more aware of their surroundings when they enjoy their workspace and feel what they are doing is being appreciated and recognised.

Following from my previous research, I have decided to consider more along the idea of interacting with the workers, rather than having just something for them to look at. I want to keep to the idea of something being fun to look at however.

What I have taken out from the feedback that was received, was to be careful of the use of posters and vinyl’s. Because the venue itself is extremely hygienic and is regularly washed down every day, products could face being washed off or mould growing.

What did work was the thought of a consistent rotation of events, animation and the consideration of journey. Because both the fruit and employees have had a journey to face to get to where they are now, it might be good to try and link these together.

The main places I want to focus where I want my work to go will be in the corridors where people get changed and the canteen. Although it would be nice to have work up on the walls where people cut the fruit, there would be too many restrictions on what to do with it.


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