Simon Phipps

Simon Phipps challenged the perception of different buildings and the beauty within them. Over 15 years, he went around the UK taking pictures of different iconic, and mostly concrete, buildings. Inspired by the work of Le Corbusier, he wanted to show people there was more to the overall appearance of some architecture that may not necessarily be to everyone’s taste. He experiments with perception, capturing a different angle in all directions on the buildings, giving them the abstract feel and appearance.

What attracted me to attending this exhibition was the inspiration of his abstract appearance to his work. I love how he has angled his picture deliberately, ensuring there is no straight line or perfect shot. Architecture photography is something I am becoming fonder of, because of the pattern you can get out of every shot.

The black and white contrast adds depth to every picture also, which is something I would like to play around with in my pictures, rather than using lots of colour for a change. I feel inspired to try and use his work as ideas to how I can incorporate that style into my pictures, and possibly ideas for a project on giving a sense of abstraction.


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