Colour and Vision exhibition.

The Colour and Vision exhibition is an exhibit taken place at the Natural History Museum, London. The exhibition explains how vision and colour has evolved over the duration of around 500+million years. It goes through some of the oldest fossils of organisms that lived around that time, to animals today.

The exhibition was fascinating in understanding the knowledge of how complex the eye is. As you walk around, you get an understanding of how the eye originally was ‘flat’, and the retina and the shape of the eyeball evolved over time to allow us to see what we see today.

Showing eyes from different animals, interacting with our personal views and finding out why we see what we see today, it makes you wonder how much more we as humans, as well as animals, will be able to see in the future. The connection of colour and vision has led us to where we are today, going down the food chain in how predators had to try and find their prey to hunt.


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